Colorado # 5 TABASCO ROAD Crawler Harness


If you are looking for your next hot crawler harness, you found it.  TABASCO ROAD brings the heat and the action is hot and heavy.  The back of the deep cup size 5 Colorado spinner blade is orange with gold flecks in it. The front has just the right mix of hues of orange and soft chartreuse to ring walleye dinner bells. TABASCO ROAD has a 5-foot leader made of premium 15-lb. test Seaguar ABRAZX fluorocarbon line and features two size # 2 red Octopus hooks 3 1/2 inches apart.  It is tied off with a 75-lb. test size # 7  deluxe black crane swivel. Quantity 1.

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Weight.4 oz
Dimensions5 × 4 × .125 in