Painted Back Rigs


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Every Painted Back Rigs Crawler Harness has:

  • 2 red Octopus hooks
  • 5 feet of fluorocarbon line
  • swivel

Painted Back Rigs – the perfect crawler harness for the end of your line.

What our customers are saying about Painted Back Rigs:

“Great product!” – Mike B.

“I’m glad word is getting out about your awesome rigs. It’s just the truth – every harness is a work of art and although I haven’t caught any big ones YET I haved limited out many times.” – Donnie D.

“You make great harnesses that catch fish plain and simple.” – Johnny A.

“Love mine look great and catch fish. I have bought a lot of harnesses over the years and yours are the best.” – William O.

“These rigs are awesome. I’m at Lake Erie right now and killing the fish on them. Our group got 410 walleye and your rigs out fished all other rigs. I’ll be ordering more. I’m telling all my buddies about your rigs too.” – Todd S.

“Best rigs out there…My go to!” – Fishy Business on

“I just had to post about my experience with Painted Back Rigs… I just got them and they are awesome! … Excellent quality. … a pleasure to do biz with. Quick shipping… Awesome rigs!” – Eric W.

“Finally made it to Canada the past week. 4 of us tested Painted Back Rigs on walleyes on Cherrington Lake (Ontario). … The most walleyes were caught on these rigs. They beat out jigs, floating jigs, plastic and some other rigs. Last night I took out one fellow for about an hour and he caught 20 nice fish. He had never fished with a worm harness. He and his friends were so impressed.” – Keith F.

“Excellent harnesses…” – Kevin K

“I just want to say something about Painted Back Rigs. I think they are outstanding. My woman and I went out on Erie Saturday. … I couldn’t even sit down using the Painted Back Rigs. My woman reeled them all in. All I could do was net and worm one and we would have 2 or 3 on at a time. Them rigs were on fire and it was not just that day. I use them every time I fish now.” – Chuck L.

“I knew from first glance you were spot on with your designs. I have no doubt these all are some fish cooler stackers! Thanks again, and looking forward to ordering from you again.” – Kevin R.