Colorado # 6 SNACK SHACK Crawler Harness


Walleye love to dine at the SNACK SHACK although they sometimes do complain how they are treated. No salt added on these snacks. The front of the size 6 Colorado deep cup spinner blade has the very popular pink and purple combo with the added benefit of UV paint for a glowing fish magnet. Sparkle has been added to the rosy pink blade back as well. Check out the picture in the product gallery to see the glow effect once charged by sunlight or a black light flashlight. SNACK SHACK has a 5-foot leader made of premium 15-lb. test Seaguar ABRAZX fluorocarbon line and features one size # 1 and one size # 2 red Octopus hook 3 1/2 inches apart.  It is tied off with a 75-lb. test size # 7  deluxe black crane swivel. Quantity 1.

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Weight.4 oz
Dimensions5 × 4 × .125 in