Aw Geez, we did not come up with this name. We mean your granny no harm.  It’s just a way to let you know that this spinner rig can and will catch the big old female walleyes everyone is after.  We’re sorry but glad you read this far.  If you would like more information, this crawler harness has a 4-foot leader of 15-lb test fluorocarbon line with a Colorado size # 5 blade and a # 2 and a # 4 Octopus hook .  It is tied off with a size # 10  35-lb test barrel swivel  The sequence of the chartreuse, orange and then chartreuse again in the beads match the blade pattern.  The two wedding ring beads give this rig that extra flash to draw them in. The blade has a nickel back. Keep ‘er movin’.

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Weight.3 oz
Dimensions6 × 5 × .125 in