Colorado # 5 BONES


If you examine the picture of this spinner rig, you will count exactly 11 beads, counting the wedding ring beads.  That is for a very good reason.  When you throw these BONES, you gotta yell “Yoh!  Eleven!” and when you set the hook, it’s “Winner!  Winner!  Walleye dinner!”.  Just like, you know, you were at the casino.  Or, so I’m told.  In the long run, though, you’ll be better off throwing these BONES and you’ll get in a lot less trouble. This crawler harness has a 4-foot leader of 15-lb test fluorocarbon line with a Colorado size # 5 blade and a # 2 and a # 4 Octopus hook .  It is tied off with a size # 10  35-lb test barrel swivel.  The orange blade and black fish bones are perfectly paired with pearl orange and white beads and a single wedding ring bead. The blade has a nickel back. “Yoh! Eleven?”  You Betcha!

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Weight.3 oz
Dimensions6 × 5 × .125 in